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collaboration-not-compromise-control-agile-blog-solutionsiqBy Tara Alexander

Collaboration is a powerful tool in the hands of people who understand that their gifts and talents can be combined for a greater good. When we come together as Christians we are not losing a piece of ourselves but we are gaining more of Him! People sharpen us to become more like Jesus. Your strength combined with mine may be just what the community needs. Collaboration often precedes powerful work in any community. We can join forces to create a space where lives are changed, communities are healed, people are helped and God’s purposes are truly fulfilled.

Here are things to ask yourself as you contemplate collaboration:
  1. What specifically are we aiming to do?
  2. Does the collaboration/project/idea reflect my spiritual beliefs?
  3. Am I the person that God called to lead this venture or am I the person who will support it being done?
  4. What gifts do I have that can support the project/idea?
  5. What gifts am I “willing” to share?
  6. What am I “not willing” to share? Why?
  7. How much time can I invest in this collaboration?
  8. What am I expecting as a return on my investment of time?
  9. Do I want to be paid for my skills? If so, how much, why & when?
  10. Am I willing to pray continually for the success of this collaboration?
  11. Are my motives to see its success even without me involved?
  12. Can I serve even if I am not chosen to lead?
  13. Do I have the maturity to stay as we work out the kinks of working together?
  14. Do I have the interpersonal skills to work as a team member?
  15. Do I need training in order to work more effectively with others?
  16. Who will take responsibility for this work if it is not what we expected?
  17. Who do I want to get the credit for this work if it is successful?

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Tara Alexander

Tara Alexander is committed to empowering lives through community outreach, teambuilding, entrepreneurship and the arts. She believes that the talents we have must serve for a greater purpose and intends to use her life helping people embrace that truth. For more articles and information about Tara Alexander go to http://www.taraalexander.com or http://www.withGODweWin.com


Try This: Take 31 Minutes for 31 Days to do something that can possibly benefit you for a lifetime!!

Join us from July 1st-31st as we take time to focus on our vision, discipline our lives, develop new habits and renew our minds! There is so much distraction in this world that we feel the need to get back on track by spending quality time obeying what God has for each of us to do. Pray about what you need to do this month to help you get your focus or maintain your focus.

We’re challenging our church family and our friends to be a part of this time of renewal with us. Some are fasting from certain foods, some are abstaining from certain music, others are focusing on exercising just 31 minutes a day, some of us are even spending less time on other things to get into the word. This is going to be exciting!! Just pray about what you can do to make a change for the better and get you back on track to success!!

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Finale Tonight at 6pm!!!!

Please join us tonight for our final discussion on” What On Earth Am I Here For?” by Rick Warren. It has been Life-Changing! 119 S. Broad St. Call in at 530.881.1300 Access Code 771685# http://www.championchurchnola.com

We are absolutely excited about all that our friends and family have helped us to do since 2009. On Feb 17th-20th, we’re celebrating 300 consistent weeks of service to the Mid-City community. Love is as love does. You have helped us to feed families, share testimonies, encourage hearts and so much more! Come out and celebrate with us as we launch a new community of faith in the neighborhood. The best thing we can ever do is point people toward God! Help us make a difference.


Feb 17th 11:30am w/ Tara Alexander
Feb 18th 7pm w/Pastor Steven Hixon & DCOM
Feb 19th 7pm w/ Pastor Laurie Adams,  Sis. Ruth DeBeau & Elder Eileen Johnson
Feb 20th 7pm w/ Pastor Antoine Barriere & Household of Faith

(A PureWater Ministries Community Initiative)

Open House-August 27th

Come join Tara Alexander & Friends at the Open House Celebration of The Community Hope Center, August 27, 2011 at 10am-2pm 630 Jackson Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana. This is an exciting time for us!!! Our outreach to New Orleans has just taken a turn for the greater. Greater impact. Greater opportunity. Greater Works!!! For the last 130+ weeks, we have been serving people in MidCity but now, we have a expanded to include another uptown community. For more information on how you can volunteer at our ministry and missions center in New Orleans please call us at 504.344.7334 or log on to www.thecommunityhopecenter.com . The center is a PureWater Ministries/Household of Faith collaborative project.