About The Music

As a singer/producer, Tara Alexander’s discography & career highlights include a diverse group of artists and international performances. She has headlined in Paris at Le Meridien Etoile, Ascona Jazz Fest, Mackinac Island Jazz Fest and many others. In 2014, she was sponsored by US Embassy to represent New Orleans & the Louisiana Culture Project at the USADBA Festival in Moscow. Her insposoul style is coupled with messages that move the heart and taps the foot. On stage she is joined by her husband, well-respected drummer, Jeffery “JellyBean” Alexander and a crew of outstanding singers that includes her daughter, Tierra, on backing vocals. The musical family works together behind the scenes and is now endeavoring to bring more music to the stage through their company, The Frontline Corporation. Through Frontline, they established a music training program, an independent label and a production company which focuses on positive music projects and artistic productions that inspire the heart. The company was hired to provide vocals on two of Harry Connick’s latest releases, Imax Documentary, Hurricane on the Bayou and list of other recordings. She is best known for her gospel vocals on Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, a project from the Women of Excellence CD. Tara’s newest solo project “Fly”, is a mixture of rhythm, soul and heart. It is testimony of her own journey and promises to bring hope and healing to those going through the music. http://www.taraalexander.com

Beyond the Music…In The Community

Tara Alexander believes in the importance of being a relevant force to a hurting world. Her life’s work, music and ministry, though diverse in activity, is primarily focused on helping others to live victoriously by learning to love, grow, serve and lead. As Pastor of Champion Church in New Orleans, CEO of The Frontline Corporation and Founder of the SHERO Network, Tara understands the importance of walking in purpose. Through her entrepreneurial initiatives, her organization provided micro-enterprise funding for more than 100 youth-owned businesses, developed an integrated business curriculum for youth and adults and served as an entrepreneurial training consultant for My Destiny Place, a children’s television program on the DayStar Network.

Since pastoring, Tara & her family have expanded their community efforts. In 2009, they hosted a one night outreach that has lasted now for more than 7 years. The one time event became a weekly feeding program and refuge for a neighborhood filled with high homelessness, substance abuse and poverty. She and her husband eventually planted Champion Church in the community which now provides discipleship, food, clothing, training and fellowship for those who need it most. In addition, their focus has been to serve as an urban missions and equipping station for those who want do more in their own communities. To answer the call of equipping others, Pastor Tara founded the SHERO Network, which empowers women to lead the way in local and global missions. Her prayer is for others to use their own God-given resources and talents to make real change in their respective communities. The heart of the ministry is focused on serving as a beacon of hope to others and to provide programming that goes beyond the four walls of the church or the board room and into the heart of the every neighborhood.