By Tara Alexander

Jesus talked with the disciples at supper one night. He told the parable of a man who had invited people to come to a feast. In their culture, invitations were given weeks or days in advance. In addition, at the time of the event, a messenger would let them know that the feast was about to begin. In Luke 14:18-20, the invited guests made excuses of why they could not come. One said he bought land that he needed to see, the other that he bought oxen he needed to test and the other man asked to be excused because he was a newlywed. The sad part was that these men had already accepted the invitation. (In comparison, how many of us have accepted God’s invitation and then not delivered when he asked us to do something?) Later on in that chapter, the man tells his messenger to go out and find the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind and invite them to the feast. They fill the place.

So many times we concentrate on who we know to cater to but there is a whole heap of people who need our sustenance. The people who filled the place were more in need than the people who were originally invited. Of course they could not afford a banquet ticket, but Jesus said that when we have a feast, those are the people we should invite. We should invite people who cannot pay us back or people we may have to carry into the banquet hall. You may say, well who’s gonna pay for the meal? The bible says when we give to the poor, we lend to the Lord. God will give us what we need to accomplish every good work. There is no excuse. We should minister more to the people who are poor, needy and broken. They are the ones who really appreciate the invitation anyway. They are the ones who want to come in so badly but initially may have not been invited. Oh but when God makes an invitation, He invites the brokenhearted, the sick, the mourners. Let’s make it our business to show up at the feast, not just to eat but to serve the King (Our Lord Jesus) and His real guests of honor.

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