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Join Jeffery and Tara Alexander along with some awesome musicians each Sunday at Frenier Landing Restaurant in LaPlace. From 2pm-5pm, hear the sounds of this couple along with a band of other local talent. Jeffery and Tara both have traveled internationally and recorded with a diverse roster of artists. Her latest release, Fly, can be found on iTunes and Amazon. Jeffery is featured in the documentary Do You Want It which chronicles the rise of Papa Grows Funk. Come check them out on Sundays for a real musical treat.


Join Tara Alexander in Baton Rouge on Thursday, January 17th at 12noon. She’ll be the keynote speaker for Christian Women in Media. This national group focuses on helping women in media and arts to expand their reach. Tara will teach on How to Cultivate Culture through Media. The session will give tools and tips on how to use your voice and talents to change the world around you. 

On Jan 3-5 more than 100 women were registered for the 5th Annual SHERO Conference in New Orleans. Each year, the faith-based leadership conference not women, gathers women to provide help, support and information that will helps accomplish their missions, entrepreneurial and/or community leadership goals. Trainers included Pastor Eileen Johnson, Bethany Bilbo Rasmussen, Dr. Ashley Ojo, Dr. Jeralyn Major, Dr. Rachel Chaney and other powerful women. With classes that ranged from Developing Videos on a Budget to Increasing Your Bottom Line to Unmasking Anxiety and Depression, SHERO offered an unforgettable mix of empowerment for women who are serious about their vision. The team is now preparing for #SHERO2020. For more about SHERO go to 

By Tara Alexander

Tonight I have the privilege of teaching at the Intercessory Prayer Conference. Such a blessing to have an opportunity to share about the keys to a radical life of faith. Prayer is communication with God. Many think it is some formula for only an immaculate few. However, prayer is the key to an abundant, fulfilling life. The only way to know how this life works is to go back to the Manufacturer. When we consult God in prayer, we give acknowledgement to His divine intention for our lives. There is no greater joy for me in knowing that though I don’t have all the answers, there is a manual (The Bible) and  a guide (Holy Spirit) to help me through everything that pertains to life. Prayer therefore is not a burden but a BLESSING. It is God’s way of helping us to stay connected to His plan.  He made us and we have to seek Him for guidance. Our lives will be full of fruit as we stay connected to the Vine. Join me tonight in New Orleans or online at the Prayer Conference. Your life is worth it.


By Tara Alexander

Family is built on unconditional love. No matter what, the people in this picture will always be loved by me. We’ve walked through good and bad times, highs and lows, sickness and health, abundance and need.  However, none of these things stopped the love. That love kept on flowing and grew even more committed.  Praying today that God will restore the “No Matter What” attitude in each family. Make up your mind that you will not let the mundane, temporal things separate you and your family. Be the peacemaker. Be the one who stands in prayer. Trust me, God can speak to your love ones even when you can’t find the words or even when they won’t accept your words. You pray and watch Him Be the difference maker in your family. Watch Him heal hearts and break every stubborn chain. Watch Him help you grow stronger in faith as a unit. Our family is our team if we are willing to let God be the Coach. Let Holy Spirit lead the way. Be the one who goes the extra mile even when others seem distant. Do it as an act of obeying God. Whoever operates in love, operates in God’s will. Love doesn’t give up. For God is love!

Read 1 John 4:8

A word from Tanya Murphy after she experienced a near fatal car accident 

I’m realizing that grateful is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel towards my God.  I had my husband take me to the accident site and it was so clean it was like it never happened.  The Lord says “the trauma you’ve experienced was for your growth, to make you dig in, not your destruction.  When you look forward to the things I’m bringing you into, the wisdom from what you learned in the trauma will be there but you’ll never look like what you went through!  People will see you and have no idea you ever went through the trauma! “

To the ladies, you may have gone through some things that tried to break you, tried to discourage you, tried to kill you even…..but the Lord says, no matter what you’ve gone through, it won’t slow you down, it won’t break you, it won’t cancel your God given assignment.  As a matter of fact, it’s a stepping stone into your destiny!  You’ll never look like what you’ve been through!  Fight, push, run into what God has for you…….the trauma didn’t kill you… revealed you!!!  Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!!!

Learn more about Tanya and the work she is committed to at 

Inviting our vision-focused sisters to come and get inspired for their next level. Your answer is waiting on you. 

By Tara Alexander

street-graffitiAs I approached the other gentlemen to the left of her, she sat still as if she was trying to figure me out. I invited the men to our annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. That day, our team was hitting the streets letting neighbors know about the delicious hot food that would be available on Thanksgiving Day.  One of them said they were already aware because the church does this every year. We all talked a bit as I stepped over to the woman with the veiled face and head. She was wearing a hijab. I had not seen her in the neighborhood before, so I personally invited her to come to the dinner. Her next step blessed my heart. She asked…”Do you take donations?” I answered with a shocking, “Yes. We do!” She asked me to give her moment to go and get them from here storage unit. I told her I needed to go to the pharmacy but would come back for the donation.

When I got back to my new friend, she had removed the veil from her face. With a big beautiful smile and a pep in her step, she approached my car. I got out and watched as she meticulously showed me the expirations on each box of stove top, etc. She had received a holiday basket from an organization but didn’t have anywhere to cook the food. My friend was homeless. In fact, she admitted that she had been sleeping in the storage unit. I was so moved by her passion to give. She even gave us a bowl for mixing and a plastic container to store food.

My eyes welled as I thought about how she was giving in spite of her own need. In fact, she said she wasn’t sure if she could come but wanted to do something. I assured her that her gift was so appreciated. This week, she has not left my mind for long. Just thinking about how many of us take for granted all the overflow God has given us. This woman willingly gave what she had. She didn’t have money. She didn’t have a stove to donate a hot meal. BUT… She had a heart. Giving is a heart matter not a money matter. In this season, ask God to open your heart to others. We all have something to give. Use what you have. Your gift may very well be an answered prayer for someone else.

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Tara Alexander

Tara Alexander is committed to empowering lives and building community. She believes that the talents we have must serve for a greater purpose and intends to use her life helping people embrace that truth. For more articles and info go to or For inspiring music by  Tara Alexander go to iTunes and/or Amazon.

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The Reformed Marriage

By Tara Alexander
molding pottery clayAfter 23 years of marriage, I can tell you that marriage is a beautiful and powerful tool in the hands of a Divine Potter. Through life’s experiences the two becoming one is a place where we grow, glean and benefit from one another. It is also a place where our deepest held beliefs are challenged and our imperfections become obvious. It is the place where our impurities often surface and the place where our inner traits are uncovered. Simultaneously, marriage is the place where our beauty is marveled, our talents are cheered, our tears are wiped and our head can rest well. Marriage done God’s way, reforms our hearts, our ways and our thoughts into what God desires them to be. My prayer for my marriage and all other married couples today is that the Master Potter would continue to shape us into people that look more and more like Jesus and less like the selfish little kids we used to be. (Take time today to read Jeremiah 18:1-6)
Here’s are some keys to a Reformed Marriage:
(1) Ask and allow God to show you areas that need reshaping.
(2) Remember you marriage is a reflection of Jesus’ love for the church. Get a biblical understanding of what marriage was intended to be.
(3) Be willing to be reformed individually before collectively. Remember “a better me makes a better us.”
(4) Pray continually for your spouse. Ask God to let you see each other through His eyes. A godly view is always a more precise view.
(5) Start celebrating and documenting every victory. Every hurdle you cross over together is a place where you can relish in God’s wisdom to give you exactly who you needed.
(6) Let change take its course. You can’t force it upon each other. You can only do your part to be different to get different.
(7) Find accountability partners. Fertilize the soil of your marriage by being around others who honor marriage and are transparent enough to hold each other accountable.
(Excerpt from Teaching by Tara Alexander For More Resources go to: You can also purchase her latest music on iTunes or Amazon.)