By Tara Alexander

Tonight I have the privilege of teaching at the Intercessory Prayer Conference. Such a blessing to have an opportunity to share about the keys to a radical life of faith. Prayer is communication with God. Many think it is some formula for only an immaculate few. However, prayer is the key to an abundant, fulfilling life. The only way to know how this life works is to go back to the Manufacturer. When we consult God in prayer, we give acknowledgement to His divine intention for our lives. There is no greater joy for me in knowing that though I don’t have all the answers, there is a manual (The Bible) and  a guide (Holy Spirit) to help me through everything that pertains to life. Prayer therefore is not a burden but a BLESSING. It is God’s way of helping us to stay connected to His plan.  He made us and we have to seek Him for guidance. Our lives will be full of fruit as we stay connected to the Vine. Join me tonight in New Orleans or online at the Prayer Conference. Your life is worth it.