By Tara Alexander 

During the month of July, our church takes a moment to recalibrate our year. We individually look at our lives to see where we are and where we desire to be. We take a moment to check our relationship with God and others, our health and even our financial state. In these times, we look at us so we can better adjust our lives, attitudes and actions to become our best ourselves. Every year I personally look forward to our 31 Days of Focus. I always learn something about myself. I learned long ago that I am not perfect. For that reason, I pray and ask God to perfect the things that concern me. I must do my part to cooperate, but only He can empower me to desire change in my innermost being. He knows me better than me and gives me the grace to shift when necessary. Step by step I become the person He desires me to be and I love it. Change is not always easy but it is so worth it. When I think about where I have come from, I am grateful for every bit of change. As I focus on what God has for my life, I know where I am going is so much bigger than what I am experiencing now. There is a never ending cycle of growth and change happening inside of us. In every way our goal should be to become more like Christ. More loving. More forgiving. More powerful. What an example we have in Him! Pray and ask God if there are any areas where you need to adjust your focus and change your actions/mindset. It is possible to become a better you.