by Tara Alexander

Do you know that God is interested in your family coming together to glorify Him? In fact all through the word we see the giving of sacrifices that include parents and children participating in worship and serving the Lord together. Even Abraham said to others that he and his son, Isaac,  were “going to worship” in the Genesis account of Abraham’s sacrificial act[i]. From the account, worship did not seem to be a strange thing for him and his son to do together. In Nehemiah, the children of Israel were stationed by families as they rebuilt the wall in Jerusalem.[ii] Later these generations stood together for the reading of the word and worship to the Lord[iii] after their work was completed.

Together families can rekindle the flames on the family altar through worship, prayer and the reading of scripture. These times of humbling ourselves before God can cultivate a passion for God that can live for generations and a legacy of faith that can keep us in the most trying times.  When our children see our humbling ourselves before God, they too begin to do the same. When we get the generations to come before God together, He becomes the great “unifier”. He brings us closer to Him and closer to each other. Though there are many benefits of family worship, here are just 12 reasons that you should want to get your family involved in honoring God together…

12 Benefits of Family Worship

  1. God is Magnified when we stand together before Him
  2. Families are Edified as we sing songs that build our inner spirit
  3. Humility is Cultivated in our character as we humble ourselves together before Our Savior
  4. Teachability is Exhibited as we learn melodies  & harmonies in cooperation together
  5. The Power of Agreement is Evident as we come together around the same theme of worship
  6. Faith is Increased as we hear and speak forth  the Word of God
  7. God’s Statutes are Learned  & Remembered as word-filled worship melodies are written on our  hearts
  8. The Word is Obeyed as we worship on one accord and train up our children in the way they should go.
  9. Teamwork/Unity is Mandated as we work together to accomplish the goal
  10. Fellowship is Cherished as we spend quality time togther
  11. Memories are Made as we experience God’s presence together
  12. Legacy is Honored as we pass down our passion for God to the next generation

[i] Genesis 22:5

[ii] Nehemiah 3