By Tara Alexander

Family is built on unconditional love. No matter what, the people in this picture will always be loved by me. We’ve walked through good and bad times, highs and lows, sickness and health, abundance and need.  However, none of these things stopped the love. That love kept on flowing and grew even more committed.  Praying today that God will restore the “No Matter What” attitude in each family. Make up your mind that you will not let the mundane, temporal things separate you and your family. Be the peacemaker. Be the one who stands in prayer. Trust me, God can speak to your love ones even when you can’t find the words or even when they won’t accept your words. You pray and watch Him Be the difference maker in your family. Watch Him heal hearts and break every stubborn chain. Watch Him help you grow stronger in faith as a unit. Our family is our team if we are willing to let God be the Coach. Let Holy Spirit lead the way. Be the one who goes the extra mile even when others seem distant. Do it as an act of obeying God. Whoever operates in love, operates in God’s will. Love doesn’t give up. For God is love!

Read 1 John 4:8