By Tara Alexander

street-graffitiAs I approached the other gentlemen to the left of her, she sat still as if she was trying to figure me out. I invited the men to our annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. That day, our team was hitting the streets letting neighbors know about the delicious hot food that would be available on Thanksgiving Day.  One of them said they were already aware because the church does this every year. We all talked a bit as I stepped over to the woman with the veiled face and head. She was wearing a hijab. I had not seen her in the neighborhood before, so I personally invited her to come to the dinner. Her next step blessed my heart. She asked…”Do you take donations?” I answered with a shocking, “Yes. We do!” She asked me to give her moment to go and get them from here storage unit. I told her I needed to go to the pharmacy but would come back for the donation.

When I got back to my new friend, she had removed the veil from her face. With a big beautiful smile and a pep in her step, she approached my car. I got out and watched as she meticulously showed me the expirations on each box of stove top, etc. She had received a holiday basket from an organization but didn’t have anywhere to cook the food. My friend was homeless. In fact, she admitted that she had been sleeping in the storage unit. I was so moved by her passion to give. She even gave us a bowl for mixing and a plastic container to store food.

My eyes welled as I thought about how she was giving in spite of her own need. In fact, she said she wasn’t sure if she could come but wanted to do something. I assured her that her gift was so appreciated. This week, she has not left my mind for long. Just thinking about how many of us take for granted all the overflow God has given us. This woman willingly gave what she had. She didn’t have money. She didn’t have a stove to donate a hot meal. BUT… She had a heart. Giving is a heart matter not a money matter. In this season, ask God to open your heart to others. We all have something to give. Use what you have. Your gift may very well be an answered prayer for someone else.

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Tara Alexander

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