By Tara Alexander
molding pottery clayAfter 23 years of marriage, I can tell you that marriage is a beautiful and powerful tool in the hands of a Divine Potter. Through life’s experiences the two becoming one is a place where we grow, glean and benefit from one another. It is also a place where our deepest held beliefs are challenged and our imperfections become obvious. It is the place where our impurities often surface and the place where our inner traits are uncovered. Simultaneously, marriage is the place where our beauty is marveled, our talents are cheered, our tears are wiped and our head can rest well. Marriage done God’s way, reforms our hearts, our ways and our thoughts into what God desires them to be. My prayer for my marriage and all other married couples today is that the Master Potter would continue to shape us into people that look more and more like Jesus and less like the selfish little kids we used to be. (Take time today to read Jeremiah 18:1-6)
Here’s are some keys to a Reformed Marriage:
(1) Ask and allow God to show you areas that need reshaping.
(2) Remember you marriage is a reflection of Jesus’ love for the church. Get a biblical understanding of what marriage was intended to be.
(3) Be willing to be reformed individually before collectively. Remember “a better me makes a better us.”
(4) Pray continually for your spouse. Ask God to let you see each other through His eyes. A godly view is always a more precise view.
(5) Start celebrating and documenting every victory. Every hurdle you cross over together is a place where you can relish in God’s wisdom to give you exactly who you needed.
(6) Let change take its course. You can’t force it upon each other. You can only do your part to be different to get different.
(7) Find accountability partners. Fertilize the soil of your marriage by being around others who honor marriage and are transparent enough to hold each other accountable.
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