This week, I have been teaching from Joshua Chapter 10. In this account, Joshua is continuing to take territory, however, as they are in the midst of battle a group of 5 enemy kings retreat by hiding in a cave. Joshua instructs some of his men to place a rock over the entry to the cave where the enemy kings are hiding and to then continue annihilating the rest of the people in the land. After they have whipped the other citizens of the these lands, Joshua orders his soldiers to get the kings out of the cave and step on their necks. This, he promised, is what the Lord will do to anybody that would come against the children of Israel.

As I read this, the Lord has made it clear to me that we are in a season where the kings (demonic forces) that have been in hiding are now manifesting through prayer. As we drag the kings out of their hiding places, we must not put up with them but we must step on their necks in the spirit. Every enemy king must die. Everything that’s been coming against you must be stopped. Enemies of poverty, division, discord, strife are sent to conjure up plans to try to stop our progress in God. The Lord is God and He has given us the power over all the works of the enemy. Walk in your spiritual authority and step on the neck of every demonic assignment that has been railed against you. Your God will fight for you and rain hailstones of judgement on every force risen against. No weapon (or king) formed against us will prosper and every tongue (negative word, lie and word curse) we condemn and refute in the Name of Jesus. Please note, we do not fight to get the victory but we fight from a place of victory. God has given us the territory or land but we must possess it by running out anything on the territory He has already given us. It is through obeying the statutes of God that we step on the enemy’s neck. Our obedience is a weapon of war. Obey the word and step on the enemy kings in your life. Your God is on your side. With Him we always Win! (Read Joshua 10) Join me today for more teaching on this– Daily Inspiration at 12noon (c) Listen LIVE at 530.881.1300 Access 771685# Replay ALL Day at 530.881.1399