In our 31 Day Focus Challenge, trust me, I have wanted to slack off a few things. I have felt the tug of my flesh whispering, “Oh, you can do it later..” It’s a battle of the mind but I promise I am winning!! With my vision set before me, I realize, I can’t afford to get off track. Too much to do. My advice on this day is for us not to be ships without sails. If we are going somewhere, we must raise the sail of vision so that it can be visible for us and all around us. I am determined not too just drift in this season. I’m not going to be tossed to and fro by the winds of life. Instead, I’m holding steady to God and to His principles. I am holding on to the vision He gave me and to the promises He made me. Things are happening for us even though it’s a press. Don’t let the wind and waves mess you up. You are on a journey. Set your sail. Hold on to your vision, and your compass too. We need the Holy Spirit to help us get there. Every step of the way and everyday we need God’s help. Keep us on course, Lord!! Keep us focused!!! Our vision awaits!! 31 Days of Focus. Stay on track.

-Tara Alexander

It’s not too late to join us!!! #31DayFocusChallenge