Last night I visited my friend’s church. Pastor Laurie is a powerful, talented and creative woman that I have known for more than 16 years now. (She’s getting older not me). What’s amazing about our friendship is that we have both grown so much in these years. Little did we know that both of us were called to ministry. (Still pinching myself!) God is soooo faithful to use ordinary women like us to lead His people.

I am so inspired by my sister. Pastor Laurie Adams is the real deal. She loves God and she loves the people she serves. When I look at her, I am so encouraged that God could use me to do even a piece of the great work she is doing. I don’t feel anything but love when I’m around her and her family. I am talking about a real sisterhood in ministry. She shares ideas and even allows me to use her ideas at our ministry. There is no competitive undertone between us because we understand that we are on the same team. Voice of Truth -LaPlace, LA (Pastor Laurie’s church) and Champion Church (where I lead) are a part of the larger body of Christ. When they win, we win!!

My prayer is that we have more of these type of relationships. Ministry without godliness is really not ministry at all. The root of thing determines the fruit of a thing. It is sad to say that some of us are only experiencing partial victories because we allow the enemy to place seeds and weeds of division in our minds. Just imagine what would happen if we would check and correct ourselves in this area. Imagine the effect of us really working as a body. Functioning to glory of God. Sharing resources. Each joint supplying the other. God would be greater glorified if we would have the faith to believe that unity is possible and the humility to repent and uproot anything the devil has planted in us.

Thank God for Pastor Laurie Adams and her wonderful church family. Thank God for everything I have learned from her. My life is so enriched because I have her as a sister and a friend.

-Tara Alexander, Pastor